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This is a great camping field with lovely sea views in the hotel field. Please register to camp from the shack in the field.

Small tent - £5 per night.

3-4 person tent - £10/night

5-6 person tent - £15/night

Campervans and mobile homes:

Craighouse pier has spots for campervans and mobile homes. Please do not park elsewhere in the village; especially not in front of people’s houses or in the car park by the village hall.

Wild Camping:

Corran Sands is a local beauty spot and where many locals go to walk and their children play. It is a stunning place to wild camp and please leave it that way. Adhere to the principle of ‘Leave no Trace’. The locals have had trouble with wild campers in the past leaving rubbish, poo and toilet paper all over the place. Let it not be any fell runners adding to this.


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For those that would like a few more home comforts there is The Jura Hotel and various B&Bs .  For more information on where to stay check out the Jura Development Trust website.


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